Finally, a television designed for how people live. Our flagship QLED TV amazes on or off, delivering our most engaging viewing experience with nothing in the way. It’s pure entertainment for your eyes. 


The TV you love with nothing in the way

A quest to make the TV you love even better by removing anything that distracts, detracts, or delays from the experience. From the legendary Samsung picture quality to awe inspiring style, to ingenious ways to find content; the new QLED TVs deliver the TV you love with nothing in the way.

It's no wonder that Samsung has been ranked as the #1 TV brand in North America 13 years running.¹

The making of a legend

Cleaner design and more intuitive navigation fully immerse you in the content you love, while our most advanced picture technology delivers optimal performance in real-life conditions. Plus, with new Ambient Mode, QLED TVs can hide in plain sight. If you’re not watching TV, you won’t see a TV.

See the world in a billion+ colors

Q Color ™
Push the boundaries of color with proprietary Quantum Dots, over a billion shades, and 100% color volume² – all reserved for our flagship QLED TVs.

At any time, in any light

Q Contrast

Experience dramatic depth and picture detail with incredibly deep blacks. You get a realistic picture, whether you're watching in a room drenched with light or with no light at all.

See beyond the shadows

Q HDR (powered by HDR 10+)

Q HDR was created by our combination of expertise and HDR10+ technology to give you a wider range of brightness and contrast to bring all the picture nuances to life. 2018 QLED TVs have the power to reveal stunning details and in-depth vibrant colors.

Watch TV. Not the TV.

Our design philosophy is to keep distractions hidden so you see only what you want to see. We’ve ingeniously concealed the common things that distract you by minimizing clutter from wires and the gap between the wall and mounted TV.³
See nothing else™
Watch TV. Not the TV.

Disappearing act

Ambient Mode
With our new Ambient Mode, you can elevate your living room with decorative content, useful information, your own photos, and even some background music. You won’t notice the TV on the wall as it blends perfectly with your décor.⁴

All you need is one

The Samsung OneRemote

No more juggling remotes to find what you're looking for or to control your components. OneRemote automatically detects, identifies and controls your connected devices⁵ and content.

The hub to your home

Experience the truly connected life. The SmartThings app connects your TV to a broad range of smart devices and appliances, from your fridge to your smartphone. Change room temperatures, see what's in the fridge or who's at your door -- all from the comfort of your couch.⁶

Bixby. A more intelligent way to enjoy TV.

Bixby on TV
Meet Bixby, your intelligent voice assistant in your new 2018 QLED TV.
Bixby makes it easy to search for content, flip channels, or even ask questions such as the current weather using only your voice.
Just click voice recognition on your remote or smartphone, and Bixby is at your command.⁷