What Is OLED? Perfect Black. Intense Color.

Unlike traditional, synthetic light-emitting diodes (LEDs), OLED uses an organic substance that glows when an electric current is introduced. This revolutionary material is part of a new design approach that drastically reduces the thickness and weight of the TV. The light passes through a combination of filters to reproduce spectacular high-definition images.

Black, the most important color

Perfect Black brings out the vast contrast that bring many possibilities.This level of stunning contrast adds depth to all colors, reveals details, and textures of images for the cinematic experience.

The OLED difference

LG OLED TV ensures the Perfect Black with over 8 million self-lighting pixels which can control their own luminance individually. It brings out the richness in all colors, uncovers the hidden details and even reveals life.

Experience our best picture quality
The exclusive α9 (Alpha9) Intelligent Processor is optimized for LG OLED TV. 
Clarity with exquisite detail, vibrant colour and more depth presented in every image with the α9 Intelligent Processor.*

* Compared to previous LG models

Quad-Step Noise Reduction
The α9 Intelligent Processor creates a clearer image with LG’s own Quad-step processing technology by reducing grain and banding noise better than conventional TV’s.*

*Conventional refers to previous LG models

Frequency-based Sharpness Enhancer

The α9 Intelligent Processor's sharpness enhancer boosts fine detail and texture by accentuating the edges of the object in the picture. This creates greater depth, exceptional detail, and more realistic pictures.

Certain picture modes do not activate this feature.

Object Depth Enhancer

The object depth enhancer precisely separates the main object from the background images and analyses textures and edges. This is then processed differently to make detection clearer and the edges even sharper. It elevates the perceived depth of the whole picture and reveals hidden details.

*Certain picture modes do not activate this feature.

True Colour Accuracy Pro 
The α9 Intelligent Processor utilizes a colour table 7.3 times more sophisticated than a conventional TV. 
This means that it has far more colour data points to display true to life colours, without any distortion.

Seamless viewing with HFR 
With HFR (High Frame Rate), the α9 Intelligent Processor is able to play content at up to 120 frames per second,
maintaining its smoothness, even during fast motion.*

* HFR function is available only thru USB input for 2018 LG OLED TVs.